Recognition Nobilés 2018

Employer-Supported Volunteering Nobilé

Keurig Canada

Proposed by Accueil Bonneau

Keurig supports the commitment of its employees, who have accumulated 25 volunteering days and served nearly 20,000 meals to homeless since 2015.

Volunteer Manager Nobilé

Pierre Desmarteaux

Proposed by SARA d’Anjou

Through his innovative management practices, Pierre has doubled his number of volunteers and created a strategic plan and training program in only three years!

Group Volunteering Nobilé

Choquette Family

Proposed by Les petits frères

The Choquettes have been helping their old friends for nearly 20 years by offering them transportation, preparing them meals at Christmas, and dancing with them!

Innovative Volunteer Nobilé

Alain Nonat

Proposed by Théâtre Lyrichorégra 20

A trained lyrical musician, Alain founded Lyrichorégra in 1976 and organizes concerts, festivals, and exhibitions on an international scale.

Volunteer Public Personality Nobilé

Josée Boudreault

Proposed by Heart and Stroke Foundation

In 2016 and 2017, Josée suffered two strokes. Since then, she has helped thousands of people learn to recognize the signs of a stroke through campaigns and testimonials at the heart of her cause.

Tribute Awards recipients

Chantal Fontaine

Since 1994, Chantal has been a volunteer spokesperson for Le Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21. Since 2017, she is the spokesperson for the Montreal Volunteer Nobilés Gala.

Recognition Awards

Junior League of Montreal Award

Moisson Montréal

Represented by Mr. Richard Daneau, executive director

Women’s Volunteer Service Award

Kateri Decary

Service bénévole de Montréal Award

Bernadette Nagy

Centre d’action bénévole de Montréal

Eva Mask