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Do you want to celebrate people who have distinguished themselves as a volunteer with your organization? Tell us how one or more of these people (volunteers, groups of volunteers or volunteer managers) has demonstrated their exceptional character through their involvement in the community by nominating them in one or several of the six following categories no later than midnight on Monday, March 8, 2021.

Note that each organization can submit one nomination in each of the six categories, for a possible maximum of six nominations per organization.

Awards to be won

This year, the VBM is pleased to offer a prize with three components to the six selected winners and the organization that nominated them: the candidate who distinguished themselves the most in their category will receive an artisanal creation. The organization that nominated them will also receive $1,000 in cash and a selected course in the Essentials training program.

Six awards categories

Group Volunteering

This award acknowledges the contribution of a group of volunteers, whether they are friends or family members, whose volunteering initiative has led to the creation of one or more activities benefitting a VBM member organization.

Volunteer Manager

This award honours a volunteer coordinator, supervisor, or manager at a VBM member organization. This person has distinguished themselves through their good practices in terms of volunteer recruitment, retention, support, supervision, and recognition.

Outstanding Volunteer

This award recognizes a person who has stood out in a volunteer activity through the nature, scope, or results of their commitment to a VBM member organization.

Corporate Volunteering

This award recognizes a company in the private sector, public organization, government department, or Crown corporation where a group of employees has performed one or more volunteering activities benefitting a VBM member organization. This company or corporation has implemented the best policies or practices to promote volunteering among its employees.

Volunteer Public Personality

This award pays tribute to a well-known personality in the world of culture, sports, or business who has distinguished themselves through their volunteer commitment as a spokesperson or committee member for a VBM member organization.

Skills-based Volunteering

This award honours a person with recognized professional skills who fulfilled a significant professional mandate as a volunteer, benefitting a VBM member organization OR who has provided their professional expertise as a member of an organization’s board of directors.